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Blue skies over roof tops by Soffaaatoffaaa Blue skies over roof tops :iconsoffaaatoffaaa:Soffaaatoffaaa 1 0 The Forbidden Tree by Soffaaatoffaaa The Forbidden Tree :iconsoffaaatoffaaa:Soffaaatoffaaa 0 2 Green Tress, Blue Skies by Soffaaatoffaaa Green Tress, Blue Skies :iconsoffaaatoffaaa:Soffaaatoffaaa 0 0 Latias and Latios Pokemon Drawing c: by Soffaaatoffaaa Latias and Latios Pokemon Drawing c: :iconsoffaaatoffaaa:Soffaaatoffaaa 2 0 Kitty Gone Wild. by Soffaaatoffaaa Kitty Gone Wild. :iconsoffaaatoffaaa:Soffaaatoffaaa 0 0 Kitty :3 by Soffaaatoffaaa Kitty :3 :iconsoffaaatoffaaa:Soffaaatoffaaa 5 2 My Drawing Of My Friend, Veronica by Soffaaatoffaaa My Drawing Of My Friend, Veronica :iconsoffaaatoffaaa:Soffaaatoffaaa 0 0 A Drawing of Myself XD by Soffaaatoffaaa A Drawing of Myself XD :iconsoffaaatoffaaa:Soffaaatoffaaa 1 0 Jane The Killer Faceshot Drawing by Soffaaatoffaaa Jane The Killer Faceshot Drawing :iconsoffaaatoffaaa:Soffaaatoffaaa 5 1 Anime Valentine Heart with Roses :) by Soffaaatoffaaa Anime Valentine Heart with Roses :) :iconsoffaaatoffaaa:Soffaaatoffaaa 0 0 A Cute Anime Couple :) by Soffaaatoffaaa A Cute Anime Couple :) :iconsoffaaatoffaaa:Soffaaatoffaaa 1 1 P-P-P-Poker Face... by Soffaaatoffaaa P-P-P-Poker Face... :iconsoffaaatoffaaa:Soffaaatoffaaa 0 0 My Friend, Kera. by Soffaaatoffaaa My Friend, Kera. :iconsoffaaatoffaaa:Soffaaatoffaaa 1 0 Eh Ehh (Nothing Else I Can Say) by Soffaaatoffaaa Eh Ehh (Nothing Else I Can Say) :iconsoffaaatoffaaa:Soffaaatoffaaa 0 0 Poker Faaaacee... by Soffaaatoffaaa Poker Faaaacee... :iconsoffaaatoffaaa:Soffaaatoffaaa 1 0 Little Angel. by Soffaaatoffaaa Little Angel. :iconsoffaaatoffaaa:Soffaaatoffaaa 0 0


Markiplier and Tyler Friend Yoga by pinkycute03 Markiplier and Tyler Friend Yoga :iconpinkycute03:pinkycute03 145 20
Right Revenge (Claude Faustus x Reader oneshot)
'If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?'
                                     - William Shakespeare
It was sunny, which was a rare feat in itself. You sat next to a large window, practicing stitch patterns on a new clothing design you had created. It was the very window your mother, your sister and yourself used to gather round when you were young, before they were murdered in their own home. The sun made your (Hair Colour) hair shimmer somewhat, your (Eye Colour) eyes hidden behind thick lashes as you focused on the work in your lap. The warmth of the light comforted you; you had always feared the dark.
"Mistress, one Ciel Phantomhive in the company of his butler would like to wish you well on your birthday."
You did not regard your demon butler, Noel, or his sudden appearance; you si
:iconcopper-wire:Copper-Wire 448 52
William T. Spears x Reader Overtime Part 7 ~Last~
~Will’s P.O.V~
“I guess you can stay with me”
“Re Really?” I looked at you
“Yes. We don’t  a place for you so you have to” I laugh a bit
“wow Will. I've never heard you laugh”
“Forget you did” I show you to the kitchen
“It’s nice”
“Thank you. i try to keep it so”
~You’re P.O.V ~
I start cooking you some dinner so you have something to eat dearing over time
“____ what are you doing”
“Making you Di-” i turn to. and what do i see? WILLIAM SHIRTLESS AND WET!! i guess he just got out the shower or something but i couldn't stop blushing
“Something wrong?”
“No, nothing” i go back to cooking. Will walks up  next to me and gets a better look
“What is it?”
“c curry and rice” i say shaking a bit
“I see. ____ i need to show you something ok?” i shake
“U-um ok. Wha-” i get cut off by Wil pulling himself to me and kissing
:iconmya2001:Mya2001 147 118
UndertakerxReader: The Assistant
“S-Sir! Calm down!” you said trying to make your mentor/ boyfriend calm down after his payment was given. “You’re going to rupture something I just know it!”
“Not to worry, my dear,” said Undertaker wiping a tear from his eye.
You sighed.
“Now for the information,” Ciel demanded.
“Of course,” said Undertaker, “Now _________, why don’t you fetch us some tea.”
Giving a small bow you then left while he gave the information. You returned shortly and handed a cup to Ciel and then to Undertaker. “Can I get anyone else some tea?” you asked.
Everyone else denied and you smiled and gave a short bow. You then took your place next to Undertaker. You listened quietly to the information your…well you know…gave to Master Phantomhive. Once they were gone you cleaned the cups and returned to the front room
“Is there anything I can get for you, sir,” you said in a polite tone.
:iconbanshee-scream:Banshee-Scream 193 34
Forever and For Always Undertaker x Reader
        “That should be just about everything on the list. I hope I didn't forget anything.” Making your way back from a simple errand, you strolled down the street with a bright smile on your face. Despite the daily morbidity and gruesomeness of your work, you had honestly never been happier than you were tight now. You never would have imagined it, but working for the Undertaker brought a sense of purpose to your life, something that you hadn't had before. This new purpose gave you something to look forward to, which in turn, made you very happy. Being around the Undertaker all the time wasn't exactly a bad thing either. As you approached the small building you now called home, your smile widened even more.
When you pushed open the old, creaking door, a rather odd scene awaited you. All of the curtains had been drawn, blocking out the afternoon sunlight. “What's going on in here?” You sat down the items you had just purchased moments earlie
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 328 50
My little butler MLP opening parody
My little butler, my little butler,
my little butler,
I used to wonder what revenge could be?
(my little butler)
Until you formed a contract with me.
Big adventures,
Idiot servants,
Good bye madam red.
Sharing (s)laughter,
It's an easy feat!
a transexual reaper
will make it complete.
Yea with,
My little butler~!
Because you stay with Ciel 'till the end.
:iconxxstrawberryxmisaxx:xXStrawberryxMisaXx 93 35
Everlasting Dream (Sebastian x Reader)
Everlasting Dream

Sebastian x Reader
- "Wake up, (Y/N)...Please.... " you heard a voice whispering those words to your ear.
Still, you didn't dare open your eyes. You just couldn't, even if you try. Thought, you were pretty sure that you heard this male voice from somewhere before. Your memories were blurred, a deep fog surrounding them and wasn't ready to let them go yet. 
- " (Y/N) has been months, you need to wake up now. Sebastian isn't the same without you ".
That voice of a young boy. The...young master? No, it was Finny, the gardener. Some memories started to come back to you and you remember that Ciel, your master, was a cold person and shows barely any emotions. It would surprise you if he was crying his eyes out right now just next to you. But what's happening? What did Finny m
:iconsolstice-arctic-luna:Solstice-Arctic-Luna 663 93
A guardian angel Undertaker x Reader
"..." you sighed, your mentor Angelina, or how others call her: Madam Red, had passed away a few days after you arrived in London. You were standing at her funeral. "You were going to teach me so much, you promised that to me.." you kneel down and touched the gravestone "I don't blame you though..." you said, your fingertips stroke the words 'Here lies Angelina Durless-Barnett, may she find rest in the arms of the lord.' you lay down the bouquet of red roses you bought and took your leave.
"My lord, these flowers..."
You heard a voice from behind you, you turned around to look who it was; a tall man in a black coat, black hair and deep brown almost red glowing eyes; next to him stood a small boy, around the age of 12 you guessed, dark blue hair and a sky blue eye, he wore at his right eye an eyepatch. 'Are you family from ms Angelina?' you thought but before you could say something he asked you: "Do you know my aunt?" "Yes, well... she was supposed to be my mentor for this year... you
:iconxxstrawberryxmisaxx:xXStrawberryxMisaXx 469 143
Mature content
Beauty and the Butler Sebastian x Reader :iconxxstrawberryxmisaxx:xXStrawberryxMisaXx 562 251
Sebastian x Reader ~ The meaning of a kiss
"S-Sebastian..." You whispered quietly as he sat down next to you.
"Yes, milady?"
You took one of your hands off the piano and to your lips, thinking.
"What....What does..."
Sebastian looked down at you and smirked, "you can ask me anything, _____________..."
You looked at him wryly then back down at the piano keys.
You stumbled on your words and Sebastian's hand went to your chin, lifting it up to meet his gaze.
His face inched closer and your body froze.
You looked into his blood red eyes, finally gathering enough courage to finally say something, "what does a kiss mean to you?"
His lips touched yours briefly before he stood up and took your hand abruptly.
"To me, Milady, a kiss indicated that you want something more than what you currently have."
You looked at him weirdly before tilting your head to the side, "how so?"
He brought you in closer.
"Like when I kiss you..."
You looked up at him, intrigued, your hands firmly pressed against his chest as a sweet smile played on your lips.
:iconxxxmrsuchihaxxx:xXxMrsUchihaxXx 529 121
More Than a Feeling. Sebastian x Reader
          “Had you told me that you were having trouble sleeping, I would have suggested you come to stay with us sooner. You shouldn't have tried to suffer through it alone.” Fingers laced with yours, Sebastian sat next to you on the rhythmically swaying carriage. It was long after sunset, and most people had already tucked themselves into bed for the night. You, however, had found sleeping almost impossible since the day Grell broke into your home. Even when you did find sleep, the dreams you had made you wish you'd never closed your eyes. Once Sebastian had learned of this, he insisted you come to the Phantomhive estate. Honestly, even if you had said no, you doubted he would have accepted your answer. Worried by your silence, he gave your hand a gently squeezed. “You're being terribly quiet, are you alright?”
“I'm fine, sorry.” Not wanting to seem rude or unthankful, you tried to smile for him. “I guess I'm just a l
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 232 24
You Will Dance Alois X Reader
       “Alois, it's far past your bedtime, now please.” You tried ushering the whiny Alois up the stairs, but he refused. “It's too late to start that now, we can try tomorrow, come on now. You really do need to go to bed.”
“Don't tell me what I really need to do.”Alois moved from your reach and stood on top of a chair, pointing down at you. “You are my servant, it is I who will tell you what is to be done!” He laughed loudly. “Now, we shall dance. Claude, start the music.” He clapped his hands and jumped down from the chair. The music started and Alois grabbed hold of your hands. “Now dance.”
“You're going to throw a fit when morning rolls around.” Despite knowing that you were making a mistake by giving in to him, you followed his lead in a strange type of ballroom dance. He stepped on your feet once or twice but continued to dance.
“Perhaps, it would be best if you took the
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 552 57
Going Soft William X Reader
      “Follow me, his office is just around this corner. Just as a warning, he might be a little shocked to see you here.” Ronald grabbed the doorknob and slowly opened the door. “Hey William, someone's here to see you. Should I let her in?”
William looked up from the massive stack of papers on his desk and sighed. “Honestly, I am rather busy at the moment, but I suppose.”
“Great, well, here she is.” Ronald gave you a little shove into Williams office. “I'll see you two later.” The door was slammed shut, leaving you in an awkward staring contest with William.
“What are you doing here.” He shook his head. “More importantly, How did you get here?” William stood from his desk, pushing in his chair as he walked towards you. “Without the help of a shinigami, you shouldn't be able to find this place.”
“Actually, I was wondering the same thing. I was at home, getting ready to e
:iconvampiregodesnyx:VampireGodesNyx 662 89
Fly Me To The Moon (William T. Spears x Reader)
Fly Me To The Moon
(William T. Spears x Reader)
(Author’s note: This was a request from “DancerHybrid”.  I hope you all enjoy it :D!)
“Is this really necessary?”  You asked as William began tuning his radio.  It was rather old.  You were surprised that it still worked.  William shot you a serious glance and pushed his glasses up onto the bridge of his nose.
“Every lady should know how to dance, Miss ______,” he said evenly.  You rolled your eyes and placed your hands on your hips.
“I don’t know…I don’t think-”
You stopped as the radio let out a loud screech before smoothing out into a basic waltz melody.  William turned the volume dial up and straightened his posture, gesturing for you to accompany him to the center of the room.  You did so reluctantly.
“Now.  Place your left hand on my shoulder and your right hand in mine,” he commanded.  “Good.  Now-”
“I’m not really a big wal
:iconanimeartistren:AnimeArtistRen 294 72
Sweet Game (Ciel Phantomhive x Reader)
Sweet Game
(Ciel Phantomhive x Reader)
As you entered Ciel’s study, the earl didn’t even look up from his package.  He turned it over in his hands several times and narrowed his visible eye.  Whatever it was, it was either dangerous or highly valuable.  Possibly both.
“You said there was a package for me?”  You tried to keep the excitement out of your voice as Ciel grabbed a rather sharp looking letter opener from his desk drawer and began cutting the ropes surrounding the small box that he was holding.  He nodded towards a smaller package that was lying over to the side.
“There it is.”  He said uninterestedly.  You allowed a small smirk to grace your features as you scooped the package into your hands.
“Letter opener?”  You asked, curling your fingers expectantly.  Ciel tossed it in your general direction, his eyes still glued to the package that he had received.  Your hands fumbled with
:iconanimeartistren:AnimeArtistRen 748 197
Claude x Reader: The Shower Scene
I originally wrote this to be a PluiexClaude, since she gave me the idea that Claude stalks me in the bathroom (it's actually just full of spiders). BUT.
I'm changing it to a ClaudexReader.
haha, on with the story.
"CIEL! I LOVE YOU!" You screamed at the computer monitor, after watching the final episode of Black Butler season 2. It had been two days since you last left your house, only leaving your desk to grab food and use the washroom. And really not even then. You and your older brother had been having a Kuro marathon (not an uncommon sight in the (last name) household, but he had gotten sick of Alois' slutty attitude, and left to watch something more worth his while, IE Star Wars.
"AAAUGH, TOO SUGOI," the (hair colour) girl cried as the ending song played, and fake blood dribbled out of her nose.
"Now, what to do?"
"(name)! Get ready to come shopping with me, please!" your mother called up the stairs, into your room.
:iconicarasaurus:Icarasaurus 690 1,078


:iconnyteshademoonlight: :iconnao-dignity: :iconslaughterose: :iconthe-infamous-sporky: :iconshadow-industries: :iconfearoftheblackwolf: :icondysfunctional-horror:



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Back again after a short break c: Basically me and my friends will use this account for Pokemon things, photography and a lot more cosplays :) So, be on the look out for all those things!


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Uh, hi! My names Sophie but I love my nickname Soffa Toffa-it means Sophie loves toffee! But its shorten down to Soffa.
I like drawing. I draw something everyday. If someone wants me to draw portraits then I can! I'm better at portraits or anime.
I'm pretty shy to start with as well... I don't partically start talking to people unless I'm either really hyper or I'm being a little more confident than usual. But once you get to know me, I'm a hyper little ball of fluff.
I actually don't fit into a sterotype by the way I dress. I dress in dark clothes the majority of the time but I rarely wear lighter clothes. Even in the scorching heat I will most likely be in black... Odd? Yes. Most people do stereotype me as a goth... I don't see how myself, but that's what they call me. I, myself, just think I like the darker things.
I started drawing because, a few years ago when I lost five very good friends. But, I'm better now.


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